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Forma, 22cm

New product

  • Bonnell jezgro od žičanih opruga
  • Sky cell pena, obostrano
  • Filc 700g, obostrano
  • Bočna ojačanja od Sky cell pene
  • Neskidajuća navlaka:
    • Cvilih platno
    • Piling 1 cm
    • Koflin 150 g/m2
    • Retex 17 g/m2
  • bonnell-opruge.jpg
    This tried -and-true traditional technology allows for excellent ergonomic characteristics and the support the body needs for quality rest. Extra-firm mattresses are ecommended for people of greater body weight, making it easier to rise and preventing spinal problems.
  • sky-cell-duseci.png
    Using unique technological solutions from BAYER we have produced a range of open-cell polyurethane foams – SKY CELL. It allows fresh air to continually circulate through the foam. Fumes do not collect in the foam, and microorganisms, dust mites and mould are unable to develop.
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  • ortopedski-anatomski-duseci.png
  • stepen-tvrdoce-duseka-h2.png

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20 271,00 RSD

Data sheet

CoreSky Cell pena, obostrano, Bonnell zicano jezgro
CoveringNeskidajuća navlaka
HardnessH2 up to 90kg

More info

Our economic class spring core mattress.

Sky cell side reinforcement, will provide durability and logr period of use.

Best results are if person is up to 90 kg body weight.

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